Stroll Hot Springs’ Grand Promenade

February 18th, 2015 by Corey A. Edwards

Hot Springs National Park Grand Promenade

Hot Springs National Park Grand Promenade
photo: Eric in SF

The Hot Springs National Park Grand Promenade is a must-see paved trail that offers diverse views as it winds its way through America’s smallest and oldest National Park.

What many folks don’t realize is that Hot Springs, AR began its life as a National Park before it became a city.

Actually, Hot Springs was the very first land ever set aside in the US, though it was done in the days before we had a National Park system. What Congress and President Andrew Jackson created in 1832 was termed a “United States Reservation,” a protected area of land that became a part of the United States Park Service in 1921.

Thus the central four square miles that of modern-day Hot Springs, AR were once the property of the United States government – but the hoopla surrounding the hot spring’s potential restorative and medicinal powers were such that a gathering of people, residences, and businesses slowly but surely grew up around the park. Finally, in 1877, the perimeter of the original park reservation was reduced to allow for private ownership of land surrounding the park: Hot Springs, AR.

Constructed in the 1930’s as part of the Public Works Administration’s work projects, the Grand Promenade is a half mile long, bricked, loop trail that provides visitors with unique views of various attractions around the park and city of Hot Springs.

Originally intended as an open-air extension of the hot springs’ bathhouse, the Grand Promenade is now considered a moderate hike that will take you to sites throughout the park such as the Arlington Lawn, the quartz veins that run through the tufa and sandstone cliffs, the hot springs cascade, and Hot Springs’ historical downtown area. Along the shaded hike you will also find many comfortable benches and picnic areas – a true must-see for any visitor to the Hot Springs area.

Hot Springs National Park Grand Promenade

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