Visit the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum

February 28th, 2019 by Corey A. Edwards

William J. Clinton Library and Museum in Little Rock, ARCome to Little Rock’s Clinton Presidential Library and discover the life, times, and so very much more about the 42nd President of the United States.

William Jefferson Clinton was President of the United States from 1993 to 2001. He also served as the Governor of Arkansas from 1979 to 1981, and from 1983 to 1992. The Clinton Presidential Center, in Little Rock, AR, provides a unique, in-depth perspective on the life and continuing work of President Bill Clinton.

Presidential Libraries preserve the papers, records, and other historical materials relating to the president they are named after. The libraries help to shed continuing light on a President’s term in office and the important issues of their career. Every president since Herbert Hoover has a Presidential Library.

While presidential libraries primarily serve as archives, most also manage to become tourist attractions. That’s certainly the case with the Clinton Presidential Library!

The Clinton Presidential Library

The Clinton Presidential Center is a 17 acre home to the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton School of Public Service, and the Clinton Presidential Library and Museum. It is located on the banks of the Arkansas River, in the heart of Little Rock’s River Market District.

The Clinton Library contains 20,000 square feet of exhibit space on three levels and a basement. The main exhibit spaces are on levels 2 and 3, with numerous interactive exhibits chronicling American history at the turn of the 21st century.

The main level of the library features a timeline of Clinton’s career and a reconstruction of the White House Cabinet Room. There is a reconstruction of the Oval Office, too. President Clinton even helped arrange some of the Oval Office reconstruction for authenticity. Many of the books and photos seen here were in the real Oval Office, too.

You’ll also find a collection of letters to the President and First Lady. Correspondence from all manner of celebrities and world leaders. Folks like Mr. Rogers, Elton John, JFK Jr., Arsenio Hall, and a great many others.

“Policy alcoves” in the museum display artifacts and information about various aspects of Clinton’s time in office. Topics of the alcoves range from education to environment, the economy, immigration, and more.

In fact, the Clinton Presidential Library is loaded with artifacts. Items in the collection go all the way back to the president’s high school days and his courtship with Hillary. There are more than 500 artifacts on display at the library at any given time – but don’t be too impressed by that number. The full count of the collection is over 79,000! It’s one of the largest archival collections in American presidential history.

The Clinton Center

1200 President Clinton Ave. Little Rock, AR 72201

The Clinton Center is a world-class educational and cultural venue.  The center hosts a number of festivals, performances, and special events throughout the year. Restaurant Forty-Two, on the basement level of the library, offers a quick bite or a meal fit for a president. The Clinton Museum Store, located in the lobby of the museum, offers books, accessories, collectibles, unique memorabilia, and more.

Learn more at the Clinton Presidential Library website. You can also visit the library on Facebook.

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