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Now best known as the home of former President Bill Clinton, the numerous rivers of this region were once lined by dense pine and cypress forests giving the Timberlands their name. With three national wildlife refuges -- Overflow, Felsenthal and Pond Creek -- and three state parks the region offers nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts a bounty of activities. But the Timberlands have more attractions than wildlife!

The historic oil boom area around El Dorado offers a wealth of shopping and dining prospects, while a profusion of museums and festivals provide entertainment for the whole family year-round. Ranging from the Railroad Museum to the Band Museum, from Pine Bluff's Smoke on the Water Barbecue and Music Festival to the Hope Watermelon Festival, there's always something going on in the Timberlands and you'll always welcome.

And while you're in Hope for the watermelon, take a tour of the Clinton's first home.

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